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London’s Premier International Black Mistress

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Goddess      Dionne

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In the scheme of things, I like a slave to know his/her place. Respect is something I take gravely seriously and I expect absolute servility and humility when you are honoured with My presence. Trust me when I tell you that any idea or image you may have had regarding a Dominatrix or a Goddess prior to coming to My website will soon be corrected. I raise the bar and set standards – I haven’t been in this industry for a decade by fluke. My followers have been trained and seasoned to serve Goddess in the correct way, so expect and embrace a firm hand in moulding you into My personal pet. I demand and expect you to worship Me and when I’m not with You, I expect you to be thinking of ways to improve your servitude to Me and to saviour My comfort.


In short – I don’t suffer fools gladly. I take this very seriously and I put time and effort into being this amazing and great. I expect you to realise and respect that and show your respect. We all have a place on this Earth and by you already coming on to my website, you have a good idea of what yours is. What you’re looking at is for real – this isn’t your imagination playing tricks on you.


Yes, I am a beautiful powerful Goddess – yes, I am what you’ve been dreaming about and yes – I am a bossy, sadistic bitch who loves to exploit my power to pathetic, feeble slaves.

Believe me, I will make you work very hard for Me. Mind you, I’m not easily impressed.


Expect to go the extra mile and think out of the box when trying to please Me, as mediocrity and clichés bore the hell out of Me.


My experience has led Me to become an expert in this field. Should you be lucky enough to serve and worship Me, you’ll be left with a feeling of euphoria and wonder. My talents and expertise are varied and versatile.

Perhaps you have fantasies of having a Bitchy Boss or a strict Aunt, ready to chastise you and force you into correction. Or perhaps you like to be humiliated indoor or outdoor be beaten whipped , while you grovel at My feet and beg for mercy (which is always a futile thing to do – I love dishing out punishment). I cater for all of these and trust Me – you won’t be disappointed. Take a look at the Sessions tab – I am confident you will find what you’re looking for.


What I won’t accept is slaves asking for sexual services. I will be deeply offended if you do and you will be forever banished. Not only that, but any little credibility you possess will quickly disappear. I am a professional Dominatrix, not a prostitute – so don’t even go there.


To get an idea of what you could be experiencing, your first task commanded by Me is to become a member of My website. You’ll find hundreds of photographs and hours of videos – enough to wet that perverted appetite of yours.


Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The real deal is only an email or phone call away and it will be a defining moment for you. I dare you to submit to a True Goddess – the Queen of Queens. I promise you you will never be the same again.

Your Mistress

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